Application for KU International Students (Non-degree Programs)

non degree 2018

        For international students who wish to take short-term courses or participate in exchange, internship, training or research programs at Kasetsart University, please fill in your information and submit the online application form with the required documents. The application review process normally takes no longer than 3 weeks.

       If your application is accepted, the International Affair Divisions will issue an acceptance letter and a certifying letter to facilitate your visa application process (Education Visa). For more information, please contact

The deadline for exchange program application for the second semester of Academic Year 2018 is  October 19, 2018. 

Application for internship, training and research programs can be done all year round.

Academic Year 2018

1st Semester, 2018 : August 6 – December 24, 2018. Deadline for application May 11, 2018

2nd Semester, 2018 : January 14 – May 27, 2019. Deadline for application October 19, 2018

>> KU Fact Sheet for Exchange Program 2018

Program for student exchange >> International Programs/courses

>> Online application form 

Required Documents
Exchange Programs
Internship, Training, Research Programs
1. A scanned copy of your passport (at least 6 months before your passport expires) * *
2. A photo 1.5” (3 x 4 cm.) not older than 6 months * *
3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume * *
4. Proof of English proficiency (not older than 2 years) *
5. A scanned copy of an official nomination letter (consent letter) from home institution verifying you as an exchange student * *
6. Recommendation letter from home institution * *
7. A scanned copy of the official transcript of your current degree with the degree name and level * *
8. A motivation letter *
9. A Scan copy of original degree certificate and complete transcript of Bachelor’s and Master’s with authorized English translation (for graduate applicant)
10. A scanned copy of health and travel insurance card/document (if applicable) **You are required to be responsible for medical fee if you do not have health insurance**
11. A scanned copy of certified scholarship award letter (if applicable
12. Other (if applicable)

- NOTE -

  • All of the documents must be in English and need to be certified copies of the originals. Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations.
  • An official transcript issued by the institution you graduated from must be a complete version clarifying a record of all courses you have taken in each academic semester along with the date of graduation, credits, and grades.
  • If your degree certificate does not clearly state the name and the level of your degree, you will need a certifying letter from your university to confirm that your degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.
  • You must submit all the completed application documents at least 3 months before the semester starts.

For more information,please contact:  International Affairs Division, Email: