Internship Opportunity Program: IAD Student Ambassador

       International Affairs Division of Kasetsart University offers an opportunity for Thai and international students at Kasetsart University, who interested in learning and more understanding the work of International Affairs as an internship staff of the International Affairs Division by applying for the position of “IAD Student Ambassador.” IAD Student Ambassador will have the opportunity to work closely with the university administrators, faculty and experts in various fields; to apply knowledge and skills learned at work and find the true interests of his/her own as a starting point to create a better future.

     Applicant must be undergraduate students from all KU campuses who currently are enrolling in the third Year (Junior), both Thai and international student. To find out more about the program, please click on the project details below.  For more information, please contact: Ms. Nithikarn Pongsathidporn, Foreign Relations Officer at 02-942-8858 or 02-942-8725 Ext. 4159

Project details

Application form