Students’ Perspectives and Voices on SDGs

        On Monday 3 February 2020 at Sutham Areekul Hall, Golden Jubilee Administration and Information Center, (Office of the President), Kasetsart University Bangkhen Campus (at the end of KU Academic Forum: In Celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Kasetsart University titled “Higher Education and Sustainable Development: Facing Realities and Implementing Change”), three students who were speech contest winners, were invited to deliver speeches on different SDGs, as follows:

1. Miss Daranee PHAETHAYANAN, 2nd year student, Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University Bangkhen Campus on the topic “Education & Gender Equality”
2. Mr. Keetapong NAMWAT, 2nd year student, Department of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kasetsart University Bangkhen Campus on the topic “Peace & Justice and Higher Education”
3. Miss Grace RATTANADIT, a new graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Political Science Thammasat University on the topic “Environment & Society Development”.

         The student perspectives  were greatly impressed the participants. This was the first time that students were invited to join the annual KU Academic Forum.