KU Academic Forum: In Celebration the 77th Anniversary of KU

  On Monday 3 February 2020 at Sutham Areekul Hall, Golden Jubilee Administration and Information Center, (Office of the President), Kasetsart University Bangkhen Campus. Kasetsart University invited university leaders, faculty members, students, and the interested public to participate in KU Academic Forum: In Celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Kasetsart University titled “Higher Education and Sustainable Development: Facing Realities and Implementing Change.”

  Dr. Chongrak WACHRINRAT, Acting President of Kasetsart University presided over to welcoming all distinguished guests and delivered the opening speech for KU Academic Forum: In Celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Kasetsart University. This forum reflects KU’s primary commitments to establish “Knowledge of the Land” and to foster the well-being of people throughout Thailand.  KU is keenly aware that these commitments are best achieved by promoting international educational alliances. The Forum aimed not only to strengthen a collaborative relationship between Kasetsart University and partner universities, but it also intended to give a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas on how universities and institutions have undertaken to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It is an opportunity for all of us to assess the progress and challenges facing the key points of this discussion, and therefore to the extent to which partner universities and institutes operate for achieving global goals and learn about good practices and employ those strategies that best fit our different situations.

  Forum were divided into two main parts. The Speakers on the first keynote session consisting of experts from leading universities / institutions around the globe, on the following issues:

– Higher Education and Global Sustainability Challenges: Director Eiji NAWATA, Kyoto University ASEAN Center, Thailand

– Educating Global Citizens for Sustainable Development: Director Pihla MESKANEN, Arrki Institute, Finland

– The Role of Universities in Co-creating Urban Sustainability: Dean Rickey YADA, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia, Canada

- The Role of Universities in Enhancing Food Security and Rural development: Director Kyong-Woong KIM, International Environmental Research Institute, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

  The Speakers on the second panel discussion consists of panelists who share differing perspectives as follows:

  1. Changing roles of Universities in Providing Education on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Director Mark ANDERSON, the Europe Office, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK; Professor Vinayagum CHINAPAH, Stockholm University, Sweden
  2. Research and Innovation to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Rector Arif SATRIA, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia; Professor Barf LAMBREGTS, Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University; Associate Professor Sutkhet NAKASATHIEN, Ph.D. Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University

  The event ended with a forum closing session, by the interim report of Sustainable University Network of Thailand: Implementing the SDGs by Assistant Professor Dr. Ratchot CHOMPUNICH, Vice President for Strategic Development and Organizational Communication, Kasetsart University;   followed by Students’ perspectives and voices on SDGs by Miss Daranee PHAETHAYANAN, 2nd year student, Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University Bangkhen Campus on the topic “Education & Gender Equality” Mr. Keetapong NAMWAT, 2nd year student, Department of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kasetsart University Bangkhen Campus on the topic “Peace & Justice and Higher Education” and Miss Grace RATTANADIT, a new graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Political Science Thammasat University on the topic “Environment & Society Development”. The views of the speakers, who are students and new graduate, were greatly impressed the participants. Afterwards, Pro Vice-Chancellor Chris CHANG, University of Portsmouth, UK delivered a Closing Commentary by Video Presentation on “the Role of Universities as Catalysts in Contributing to SDGs.” Later in the afternoon, the distinguished participants from world-leading universities / institutions paid an official visit to the research exhibition at Chakrabandhu Pensiri Hall.

  Earlier on Sunday 2 February 2020 at 7.00 am, the delegates from KU Academic Forum were invited to participate in the ceremony of placing a bunch mala at the Three Founders of Kasetsart University before visiting Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen Campus.  They were warmly welcomed by Associate Professor Anuchai Pinyopummin, DVM, Ph.D., Vice President for Kamphaeng Saen Campus and KU administrators. The delegates had a chance to visit the Rice Science Center, the laboratory for Medicinal Cannabis Research at Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science and had a reception lunch while enjoying the Thai boxing performance at Faculty of Education and Development Sciences.  After that. Delegates headed to Ayutthaya province to visit the sites of world heritage.

  This year KU Academic Forum: In Celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Kasetsart University had come to another successful end in terms of academic participation in social development both nationally and international.

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