KU welcomes an administrator from APAARI

  On Wednesday 16th October 2019 at 10.30 am. In the meeting room on the 4th floor of the Golden Jubilee building, Kasetsart University. Dr. Chongrak WACHRINRAT, Acting President of Kasetsart University along with Miss Araya Bijaphala, Director of International Affairs Division welcomed 3 delegates from the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) led by Dr. Ravinder Kumar KHETARPAL, Executive Secretary of APAARI; together with his staff including Dr. Grisana LINWATTANA, Government Relations Consultant; and Miss Thansita TANAPHATRUJIRA, Operations Associate; on the occasion of visiting Kasetsart University.

  The purpose of this visit is to discuss and seeking the possibility to collaborate with each other in terms of research and development. Hence, Dr. Ravinder Kumar KHETARPAL gave an overview information about APAARI as a famous international institute for agricultural and biotechnology research. Moreover, Dr. Ravinder Kumar KHETARPAL encourages Kasetsart University to be a member of APAARI along with other 84 top-notch institutes around the world and also seeking the possibility of establishing the office branch of APAARI within the campus for better communication and collaboration.