Nagoya University Staff Training 2019

  On Thursday 26th September 2019, at 13.30 a.m., at meeting room 9 in the Golden Jubilee Administration and Information Center Building, Kasetsart University. Representatives from International Affairs Division, Student Affairs Division, and International Studies Center join to welcomed 7 delegates who attended the Nagoya University Staff Training 2019 led by Ms. Yuko FURUKAWA, Deputy Chief, Educational Affair Division, Aichi University of Education, Ms. Hyeseon SEOL, Administrative Staff, International Affair Division, Nagoya University, Ms. Fangke DU, Administrative Staff, Nagoya University, Ms Mariko KAMIYA, Administrative Staff, Nagoya University, Mr. Yasuyuki ISODA, Administrative Staff, Mie University, and Ms. Misato MATSUBARA, Assistant Director, Administrative Division, Aichi Prefectural University; on the occasion of visiting Kasetsart University. This event also accompanied by Assistant Professor Dr. Veeraya Chenchittikul, Deputy Director, Nagoya University Bangkok Office, and Ms. Nattha PETCHARAT, Administrative Assistant, Nagoya University Bangkok Office, as coordinator and interpreter.

   The purpose of this visit was to discuss and share some experiences in the management of various aspects of Kasetsart University. Hence, representatives from 3 divisions presented the overview of information and responsibility of their department, and also answer the question raised by the Japanese side which mainly focuses on the livelihood of students.

  Moreover, a representative from International Affairs Division mentions the Academic Consortium 21 (AC21), which both Kasetsart University and Nagoya University are a member along with leading universities around the world, and also discuss the scholarship provided by Europeans countries namely the Erasmus Mundus.