KU welcomes a delegation from Food Security Center (FSC)

    On  1st June 2018, at meeting room 9 on the 2nd floor of the Golden Jubilee Administration and Information Center Building at Kasetsart University, Assistant Professor Dr. Nuchanata MUNGKUNG, Acting Vice President for Finance,  along with Assistant Professor Buncha CHINNASRI, Acting Assistant to the President, and Associate Professor Dr. Wiboon CHONGRATTANAMETEEKUL, Coordinator of Food Security Center, welcomed the Assessment Board led by Mr. Bert-Jan BUISKOOL and Professor Dr. med. Michael B. Krawinkel; on the occasion of visiting Kasetsart University to conduct a project assessment of the Food Security Center.

  The Food Security Center (FSC) is a university center of excellence in development collaboration at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. The Food Security Center’s network builds on existing partnerships with international agricultural and nutrition research centers such as Kasetsart University. The collaboration has established in 2009, every year there will be academic projects such as workshops, seminars. A range of scholarships available for all academic staff and students of Kasetsart University to undertake research and technical exchange on food safety or related experiences either in Germany or in Europe.