Grand Opening of KU International Hub

    On Friday 8 September 2017, from 13.30 to 15.30 pm, at the ground floor of the building of the Learning Center 1, Zone A and Zone B, there was the opening ceremony of the KU International Hub, honorably presided by Dr. Chongrak WACHRINRAT, Acting President of Kasetsart University along with the University Administrators. The purpose of the KU International Hub is to be the hub for international communication, support for international education, exchange of scholarship / research / international activities/ international projects/ Information and documents to know about the foreign countries, as well as the exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience and culture with international students studying at Kasetsart University, or at different institutions and abroad. It is also a center to provide advice, assist, or training in foreign countries and the correct use of languages ​​and cultures. It is expected that this main coordination center will facilitate the students to access to the educational information services in foreign countries also to encourage students to recognize and appreciate self-development and to inspire them to moving international in accordance with university objectives and policies.